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Portrait of a Weed
he two things this blog focuses on most are very interconnected for me: Art and Natural History .

Several years ago, I became fascinated with how nature exists in an urban environment and started to observe the wildlife that is taken for granite in cities.  What were those things growing between the sidewalk cracks and along the interstate embankments?  What about the humble pigeon? Did anyone care about them or were they just a nuisance? Well, I decided I cared about them.
I am not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination. My experience is from reading, classes, and observations. Observations are the most satisfying, but my observations do not pretend to be scientific. They are more in the line of when, many years ago, I noticed that the Flintstones seemed an awful lot like the Honeymooners, then found out some time later that my observation had some credence.  Basically, it is so much more fun to discover something on your own.
Aside from weeds, I am also interested in native plants, and general botany,  There will also be some art related posts and posts on what I call the "cultural landscape" which are ways that humans impact their surroundings.
About the Author

My name is Diane.  Currently I am studying to be a Master Naturalist through the Central Carolinas Master Naturalist Program and am a Master Gardener.  My volunteer work includes collecting plant specimens for the county herbarium and monitoring nest boxes. 

For many years, I worked as a teaching artist for the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Delphi Art Futures Program, the Delaware Art Museum, and a community program called Art-Reach. Before I relocated, I was employed as the gardener for historic Glen Foerd on the Delaware, and now I currently work on a farm. 

Several of the bodies of artwork I made in the past focused on urban ecology and natural history subjects. I strove to capture the essence of my subjects rather than a detailed representation. Installation art I made focused on creating habitat in uninhabitable settings. 

I attended Rosemont College for my Graduate Degree and Holy Family College for my Undergraduate Degree.  Aside from earning my Master Naturalist Certification I am enrolled in a Native Plant certificate program at UNC Charlotte and am in the process of being certified as an Environmental Educator. 

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