Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Annual Christmas Bird Count

With the craft show season in full swing, I was never able to take part in the Annual Christmas Bird Count which is often the Saturday right around Christmas. But, alas, this year I was able to participate and in a very big way.  I had the great fortune to be invited onto a team along with two birders who work within the field of environmental management.  The major catch was I had to prove my ability to endure a very long day of walking on a variety of terrain with degrees of weed-i-ness and wood-i-ness.  Well, I did keep up and it was well worth it.  We counted 44 species which included 3 bald eagles and a peregrine falcon playing tag with a turkey vulture.  Oddly, many of the most common species we did not encounter until later in the day...we started at 8 am and did not see a blue jay until almost 4 pm!! So happy to finally be able to do this!  These drawings are from my Dirty Birds series.