Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Annual Christmas Bird Count

With the craft show season in full swing, I was never able to take part in the Annual Christmas Bird Count which is often the Saturday right around Christmas. But, alas, this year I was able to participate and in a very big way.  I had the great fortune to be invited onto a team along with two birders who work within the field of environmental management.  The major catch was I had to prove my ability to endure a very long day of walking on a variety of terrain with degrees of weed-i-ness and wood-i-ness.  Well, I did keep up and it was well worth it.  We counted 44 species which included 3 bald eagles and a peregrine falcon playing tag with a turkey vulture.  Oddly, many of the most common species we did not encounter until later in the day...we started at 8 am and did not see a blue jay until almost 4 pm!! So happy to finally be able to do this!  These drawings are from my Dirty Birds series.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Walking and Alzheimer's

This past weekend was the Walk to End Alzheimer's.   I could not participate this year but the theme of walking got me thinking about my mom.  During the time I cared for my mom in the early stages of her illness, one of the things her neurologist told her was "Keep moving".   On a limited basis, Mom was able to get around on her own and one thing she liked to do was walk.  With her walker, she would go around the block over and over several times a day.

At one time, my mother was quite a traveler.  She had traveled pretty much to every part of the world. When I would check on her throughout the day she would report to me that she took several walks and, even though I knew she walked the same loop, I asked her where she went.  When she described her walk, her excitement was such that one would think she walked around the entire world.  I could picture her leaning over her walker on the move with great determination, hair flying and disheveled in the breeze, eyes fixated ahead, with her focus seeming all the more intense by her glasses which somehow seemed too big for her face. After my mom moved away to stay with my sister, I would think of her taking those walks and started to make the book above (individual images below).  It has been several years and I have not worked anymore on the book; perhaps it is done, I don't know. Anyway, the Walk to End Alzheimer's got me thinking of this.  Though the walk is officially over, they are still accepting donations. Please consider this charity that assists those who suffer from this disease.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Printing Spider Webs

My adventures printing spider webs has finally realized some success on the third attempt, which is good because I felt a bit bad destroying the handiwork.  However, the web was located in a place where it was bound to be disturbed regardless of my interactions with it so why the spider continues to weave in this location is beyond me.

Anyway, the result is pictured here. I had to bring up the contrast a bit which accounts for the bluish tones in the background.  Note: To See a better image of the web, click on the image and it will enlarge. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Look at.....Celery!

Celery.  It's one of those vegetables that you really do not think about as a side dish.  It is more of an "addition" type vegetable.  You add it to potato and tuna salad, meatloaf, soups.   You never really think about it but you know something is missing if it isn't there.  I like it instead of bread as a surface for things like hummus, chicken salad and peanut butter. But I bet you never thought it was good for making art??  Well it is!   In my exploration of printing with plants, I wanted to see how many different marks could be made with various parts of celery.  Here are some examples.