Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Art Futures 2014: Northeast High School

For the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Art Futures Program in 2014, I was paired with students from Northeast High School. Yep, the same one where Tony Danza did his reality show (no, I did not run into Tony).    I worked with a wonderful teacher who wanted to emphasize the concept of fantasy and make believe as subject matter.   The students looked at lots of art from the PMA's collection dealing with surrealism, fantasy, and other schools of art that did not focus on realism. 

The students developed a "character" that was drawn and cut from a linoleum block.  A "character" did not mean it had to be a creature; it could be a car, a house, a plant.  The characters would be collaged together into a larger fantasy land.  I think we actually ended up with five fantasy land collages.  Three of them are pictured in this post.  To the students and Ms. Thompson at Northeast High....Great Job!  Also thanks to the  Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, whose foundation helps fund this program. 


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