Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love Affair with Native Plants

Card for Window on Broad Installation
Several years ago, I became obsessed with watching song birds. So in order to attract as many birds as possible to my postage stamp size city back yard, I started to plant only native species.  The image of the young lady hanging bird drawings on a wash line is a promotional card for an installation I created that was shown at the University of the Arts' Window on Broad.  A photo of the actual installation is below.  The purpose of the project was to bring awareness to the importance of planting native species to preserve wildlife and to demonstrate that, no matter where you live or how small your outdoor space, you can do this.  Aside from the clothesline and basket lined with bird drawings, names of species native to where I live were written on the walls and floor of the installation space (this aspect of the installation is a bit hard to see on the photos, but if you click on the last image, you can see some of this writing).

Now installation art does not exist until, well, it is actually installed so for my promotional postcard I had to stage something that went along with the exhbition, and also provided information.  The back of the card, besides having the pertinent details of when, where, etc. has a message about planting native species and provides the names of some plants native to Southeaster PA.

The lovely model is my daughter, then a college student who, like all college students tried to capatalize on anything asked of them.  So after begging her all summer to dress like me and pose for this photo, she agreed to do so if I paid her twenty bucks! 

Window on Broad, University of the Arts

Window on Broad (Detail)

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  1. You're treating the window like a shadowbox on a larger scale. I like it!