Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Futures Project - Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School

These banners were made as part of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Art Futures Program.  The photo to the left is the final project as it was installed at the very fabulous Philadlephia Museum of Art. 

The students did a fantastic job creating multicolor reduction linocut prints using objects from natural history as inspiration.

This is a very technical process and I am delighted and amazed at  how quickly the fine students at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School (in Philadelphia) caught on to, and mastered this process.  When the banners come down from the museum, they will be displayed for a brief period at the Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, whose foundation provides support for this project. Then the banners will be permanently installed at the school for all to enjoy. Below are some of the individual prints that are part of the banner.  They are by: Jackie,  Mike, Patricia, Jesus, Eric, Inez, Shane, Tom, and Lebron. 


  1. Each of these could stand on its own. Great work. You must be very proud!

    1. Thanks...they were great kids to work with!